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As children grow, they gain new skills: a first smile, word, and step. They develop skills in playing, learning, speaking, moving and interacting with others. When a child does not gain skills at a particular age or acquires skills much later than their same-age peers, it is called a developmental delay.

Routine developmental screenings can help determine if your child is reaching important developmental milestones. Parents are often the first to sense a concern about their child’s development. Tell your child’s doctor about your concerns. If developmental concerns are suspected, the doctor may refer your child for additional evaluation with the Birth to 3 Program or your local school
district’s Special Education Program. Your child may receive developmental screenings from their primary care provider or from a Head Start/Early Head Start Program. Remember, noticing a child needs help early and having that child receive help has a positive and lasting impact.

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If you are concerned about your child’s development and would like to talk with someone about screening and evaluation, talk to your child’s doctor or contact:

Well Badger Resource Center
800-642-7837 – ask for the Birth to 3 Program contact in your county.

Birth to 3 (for children under age 3)

Early Childhood Special Education Programs (for children ages 3 to 6) – search for your local school district and call to get the early childhood special education program contact information.

Wisconsin Head Start Association

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