• Autism Treatment Programs

    Autism Treatment Programs

    Boy Playing with a BallThe Waisman Center Autism Treatment Programs are provided through a partnership with the UW Medical Foundation. Three program options will be available at Waisman in the Spring 2016: Starting Together (comprehensive and focused treatment based on Applied Behavior Analysis and the Early Start Denver Model, ages 2-6 at WECP); Growing Together (focused treatment for parent and child to learn positive behavior, ages 6-14); Transitioning Together (focused treatment for parent and teen to support skill, resources and strategies for a successful transition to adult life).

    Molly Murphy

  • Communication Development Program (CDP)

    Communication Development Program (CDP)

    Boy Working on Project in ClinicThe Communication Development Program provides augmentative and alternative communication and computer access services for individuals living in Dane County, Wisconsin. Interdisciplinary services include direct outcome-focused evaluation and intervention, consultation, technical support, student training, and outreach.

    Julie Gamradt

  • Community TIES

    Community TIES

    Matt Ward works at the Madison Public Library The TIES (Training, Intervention, and Education Services) program offers support to children, adolescents and adults with developmental disabilities who reside in Dane County and present challenging behaviors. Family members, guardians, and service agencies often report significant stress in supporting individuals with developmental disabilities who present challenging behaviors and thus may require additional support. The TIES program seeks to enable these individuals to remain in their natural environment. In doing so, the TIES program utilizes and teaches non-punitive ways to redirect or modify specific behaviors. The program provides support and consultation in the community based environment where a person’s challenging behavior occurs.

    Josh Lapin

    To learn more visit: Community TIES

  • Community TIES Psychiatric Clinic

    Community TIES Psychiatric Clinic

    People in the Psychology ClinicTIES Clinic provides psychiatric care and consultation to individuals with developmental disabilities who are unable to obtain psychiatric care from other providers due to financial situation, behavioral issues, or medical complexity. Patients seen in the TIES clinic are also supported by the Community TIES Program.


  • Crisis Response Program

    Crisis Response Program

    People sitting at a picnic tableCrisis response services for adult Dane County residents with developmental disabilities are designed to prevent or shorten stays in more restrictive settings. Services include crisis coordination with criminal justice and emergency mental health practitioners, additional support in the person’s home or work place through the Crisis Outreach staff, and/or temporary respite stay at Dane County’s Crisis Home (Safe House) for adults with developmental disabilities.

    Axel Junker

    To learn more visit: Crisis Response Program

  • Waisman Center Speciality Clinics
  • Waisman Early Childhood Program (WECP)

    Waisman Early Childhood Program (WECP)

    Young Boy in ClinicWECP is a center based early childhood program that is meeting the needs of a developmentally diverse group of children ages 1 through 6. Approximately two-thirds are developing typically, and one third may have a special education need.

    Joan Ershler

    For more information link to: Waisman Early Childhood Program (WECP)

  • Waisman Resource Center

    Waisman Resource Center

    Young familyThe Waisman Resource Center was created to serve as a bridge to link faculty, staff and community partners with members of the public who are seeking information about developmental disabilities and the range of community services and supports available.


    For more information link to: Waisman Resource Center

  • Wellness Inclusion Nursing (WIN)

    Wellness Inclusion Nursing (WIN)

    Adult PatientWellness Inclusion Nursing is a community based nursing program that is designed to provide assessment, consultation and training to agencies and staff providing care to individuals with developmental disabilities.

    Marcia Stickel

    For more information link to: Wellness Inclusion Nursing

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