About Me

Purple circle with a mirror inside to represent "About Me"Take some time and decide how you would describe your young adult child to a new doctor.

For parents/caregivers, things to include:

  • How your young adult child learns.
  • What are their likes, dislikes, and hobbies.
  • Who is important to them?
  • What makes your child feel uncomfortable and how can it be made better?
  • What health condition(s) do they have?
  • How comfortable are you with their making decisions?
  • Can your child describe what hurts?
  • Can they identify symptoms and when they might need to see a doctor?

How much information to share?

It is important to discuss sharing personal information. It is important to share all health information with the doctor, and at the same time, talk about privacy with your child and how much information they should share with others.

Sharing personal information depends on trust. A good place to start:

  • Other family members
  • Teachers
  • Friends
  • Colleagues (if appropriate)
  • Employers (if appropriate)

How will my child introduce themselves to new people?

Examples: verbal, video, picture book

Bonus Material:

Check out the Bonus Material page for more information on this topic.