Health Insurance

Light orange circle with a health insurance card inside to represent "Health Insurance"Health insurance can be complicated, but there are important things about health insurance your child needs to know as they get older.

When my young adult child becomes an adult, how do they get health insurance?

As a parent you can help your young adult child consider their particular options as they reach the age of 18. Some may continue on their parents’ plan, while others may need to apply for Medicaid through BadgerCare Plus or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) eligibility. Still others may  get coverage through a job.


Your child can practice giving their insurance card to the receptionist when checking in.


Co-pay: A fixed amount you pay out of pocket when you get some health services.
Preventative: Services that are typically covered in full under health insurance such as shots and screening tests like blood pressure or cholesterol screenings.
Note: These services are only covered when delivered by a doctor in your
health care plan’s network.
Co-Insurance: A percentage of the cost of health services paid by the patient.
Deductible: The amount you pay per year (per person or per family) before your health insurance covers most or all of the costs.
Premium: The cost paid up-front for health insurance. This is typically a monthly fee that is paid by an individual in order to be covered by health insurance.

Should my child carry an insurance card?

Yes, everyone should carry their own insurance cards and know how to contact
member services. This phone number is often found on the back of the card.

Additional questions to consider …

  • Is my coverage through private insurance or public benefits? Note about public benefits: As a child reaches their 18th birthday, they will need to reapply for public assistance. The eligibility requirements change from what is considered for children versus adults.
  • What does it cover? What does it cost?
  • What services are included?
  • Which doctors can I see? Which clinics or hospitals can I use?
  • What type of health insurance is best for me? Note: Your child may qualify for more than one health insurance and you will also need to think about coverage for other services such as dental and vision.
  • Will my insurance change at 18?
  • Are public benefits appropriate for me?

Bonus Material:

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